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The Asia for Animals Macaque Coalition: Membership

Who can join? 

We welcome collaboration with organizatons that work to protect macaques as individuals or at the species level. In order to become a MACC member,  an organization must first become a Asia for Animals Network Member Organization (NMO). There is no cost to join the network. To learn more and join, click HERE. Once you've joined, you can contact the MACC coordinator to see if your organization is a good fit for the Macaque Coalition! 

MACC and the AfA Coalition strive to maintain a friendly, approachable environment. We recognize that there may be many differing approaches to addressing any given issue, and encourage all to share their perspectives and consider others with respect. 

Joining AfA provides valuable opportunities to collaborate, share experiences, and network. To facilitate networking between our members, who work across Asia and around the world, they are given access to our networking platform, Slack. To learn more about how Slack works and what it can do for you, click HERE.  

Macaque Coalition Members

We are proud of our diverse and dedicated membership. We are still in need of members in certain key countries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more! 

Financial contributors to this working group:

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