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Image by Andre Mouton


Learn about macaques

To learn about the different macaque species, you can click on each of the boxes below to expand. From there, you can visit that species' entry on the IUCN Red List. For more detailed information about macaques please browse our Macaque Bibliography & Resources page!

NOTE - The exact number of species is a matter of debate and occasionally changes! For example, many consider the Buton macaque (Macaca brunnescens) to be a subspecies of the booted macaque (Macaca ochreata). Here, we've used the IUCN Red List as our guide, and listed the Buton macaque as a distinct species. In May 2022, a new macaque species, the Sela macaque, was described. We will add more information on the Sela macaque as it becomes available. 

Tip: use the filter, sort and search functions at the top of the table to find exactly what you need - or just browse using the scrollbar at the side! 

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