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Macaque coalition bibliography & resources

Image by Ayush Sharma


Macaque enrichment

The environmental enrichment table provides ideas and resources for macaque-suitable enrichment. These have been collected and submitted by captive care professionals worldwide. 

These resources are works in progress! New articles, ideas and resources will be added regularly. If you would like to contribute, please contact us. 

This resource aims to provide simple, affordable and effective environmental enrichment ideas for captive macaques.


Please note that the safety and suitability of each item or idea will depend on your particular circumstance.  For example, it may not be appropriate to use plastic bottle enrichment items for macaques who may eventually be released into areas where they may come in to contact with people; or certain items may be dangerous if provided to individuals who habitially throw  heavy objects around. Always assess the risks and benefits of any item you choose to use. You can find articles and information about the safe and effective use of enrichment in the bibliography page.  

Reminder: use the filter, sort and search functions at the top of the table to find exactly what you need - or just browse using the scrollbar at the side. Click on an item to reveal more detail. 

Submit macaque enrichment ideas here:

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