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SPCA (HK), the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was first formed by a group of volunteers in 1903 and was formally registered in 1921. We are the first Charity in Hong Kong to deal with all aspects of animal welfare and 99% of our operation is funded by private donations and veterinary services.

Animals are living creatures which like humans, are able to feel pain, hunger and thirst. We should not inflict any suffering upon our fellow creatures just because they can’t speak.

Our aims are “to promote kindness and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals.”

Our mission through the millennium is ” To promote kindness to animals, to protect their health and welfare, to prevent cruelty and through education, to inspire in the community a deep respect for life so that all living creatures may live together in harmony.”

How does the SPCA act to achieve these aims?

The SPCA believes that animals deserve our protection, compassion and respect. We aim to prevent their suffering wherever we can through:

-Collection and rescue of abandoned, sick and injured animals.

-Investigation of cruelty complaints.

-Provide low-cost desexing services for cats and dogs to prevent unwanted litters.


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