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Donkey Sanctuary


Global programmes

Our work across five continents has a lasting impact on the welfare of donkeys and mules, and the people whose lives they touch. Our outreach embraces animal welfare education from training vets to community programmes with donkey owners and farriers. Our awareness raising and advocacy puts donkey welfare on the agenda through lobbying governments and media relations. From donkeys slaughtered for their skin to the problems of feral donkeys or those in disaster areas, our rapid response to crisis situations positions us firmly at the forefront of emerging themes.

Working donkeys

With the vast majority of the global donkey population remaining beasts of burden, we give support to those animals most in need around the world, whether urban or rural, whether used in industry, agriculture or tourism. Our collaborations with the men, women and children who depend on them has a lasting impact across veterinary care, nutrition, housing, working hours, weight of load, and welfare friendly hardness and cart design.

Advocacy and raising awareness

Advocacy work with governments, the media and other NGOs worldwide complements our practical rescue and emergency work by establishing more sustainable improvements to the lives of donkeys. Advocacy is also a key tool for addressing the root causes of animal suffering as it does not merely deal with the symptoms of animal abuse, but ensures that the underlying educational, institutional and structural causes of suffering are addressed. Advocacy is vital to make sure that authorities take responsibility for animal issues, including policy, legislation and enforcement, education and awareness, research and training.

The Donkey Sanctuary’s projects and campaigns in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China range from owner support to tackling the brick kiln industry

Some of our projects in Asia:

Nepal and India brick kilns

The Donkey Sanctuary works with local partners in India and Nepal to improve welfare for donkeys and mules working in the brick kilns.

New collaboration to develop equine welfare in China

The Donkey Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare have formed a groundbreaking partnership with the China Horse Industry Association (CHIA) and the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) to improve equine welfare in China.

Barabanki Equine Fair

The Donkey Sanctuary promotes good donkey welfare at one of India’s largest equine fairs.

Our aim is always to help many more of the estimated 50 million donkeys and mules worldwide through field projects, research and advocacy work promoting lasting collaborations with communities, governments, the media and other NGOs.


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