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Change for Animals Foundation


Ending the dog meat trades in Asia:

As a founding member of the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA), in Vietnam, CFAF is committed to: conducting investigations to expose the risks the trade poses to human health; providing training and support to local animal protection groups; and working with authorities to stop the illegal trade. As a founding member of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition, we work nationwide to end the demand for dog meat; equip local law enforcers with the skills, resources and knowledge to ensure adequate enforcement of existing laws and regulations; educate local communities and authorities about the risks to human health and the risk to rabies control achievements and programs; and promote compassion and respect for dogs and ultimately all animals.

Ending the exploitation of wildlife in captivity:

Change For Animals Foundation supports the work of local partner organisations with united campaigns to collect evidence of cruelty in zoos and safari parks to lobby for change; and to work with wildlife holding facilities, wildlife experts and other animal protection and conservation organisations, to assist with the provision of essential training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the quality of life of the animals in captivity.


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