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The Asia for Animals Macaque Coalition (MACC)

The Macaque Coalition is a working group of the Asia for Animals Coalition.  

The Macaque Coalition (MACC) was initiated in 2020. MACC aims to collate and share information on the many welfare issues faced by macaques, and to facilitate networking and collaboration geared towards promoting respectful coexistence, alleviating their suffering, and protecting them at both the individual level and the species level. 

Over time, members of the Asia for Animals Coalition Network have observed a particularly high volume of welfare issues involving macaques, whether related to conflict with human populations, the pet trade, circus-like performances, their use in the  biomedical industry or otherwise. Because of the perception that they are common - perhaps even too abundant - macaques are particularly persecuted even when legal protection is officially in place. Across Asia, individuals and organizations are trying to help - with mixed success.  

MACC is a member-led working group that aims to: 

  • identify specific and arising areas of concern;

  • consolidate and serve as a first-stop resource for information and resources relating to the welfare and conservation of macaques, particularly those species that are most visible to, and are most frequently exploited by, human beings;

  • bring concerned practitioners together, whether their focus is on conservation, research, law enforcement, macaque welfare, human welfare, or otherwise;

  • encourage and facilitate collaboration and the exchange of experience.

Our website is designed as a platform for information sharing, and for highlighting projects and approaches that have worked - or if they were unsuccessful, to provide insight on why that might be. Our objective is to enable those tackling these issues to make important contacts and to pinpoint their own solutions to the multi-faceted issues macaques face in today's world.​

If your organization is interested in joining or otherwise contributing, please email

Common macaque issues
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MACC reports and news
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